Thursday, October 28, 2010

my whole life was like a picture of sunny day

i was going to wait to start this bloggerooni till the 1st. but. i guess i've changed my mind.
hot damn. 3 days left. it seems like every day this week i've had some sort of minor meltdown related to our departure. it's so much shit at once. so much awesome shit, but with new factors that i'm unfamiliar with. i've never lived so far away from home. i've been away from home for long-ish periods of time...but yet i always was fully aware that my family was a mere 45 minutes away. that's a big change. i fucking love my family and i'm not sure i'm prepared for how much i'm going to miss them.

it feels good to be approaching the BIG DAY with almost everything crossed off my various to-do lists. yesterday ben and i switched our bank accounts to bank of america, since td bank doesn't exist in california.

on tuesday memere had a going-away party for us. everyone came except for karen and kim-who are in california and will be in san fran when we arrive! ben, chuck and haley also came. todd gave both me and ben new sketchbooks which we were desperately in need of. AND gave both of us these insane hand held waterproof video cameras. fucking crazy. i don't know what todd was thinking. it makes me feel guilty and sad, but i think that sometimes to make up for the lack of actual time that we see each other, todd makes up for it with unnecessarily extravagant gifts. i wish we could just hang out for the day instead. BUT! i'm not complaining! i've recently been longing to have a portable, easy and small way to record amusing moments so i guess it's pretty awesome.

it looks like it isn't gray or rainy today which is a relief. i have lots to do. gotta pick up my last check, return the growing mound of wine bottles that lisa has been collecting, take a shower, send a box of shit i can't take on the plane to california, drop off film, figure out what i'm wearing to rocky horror, and buy some orange juice.

this weekend is packed. that's also why i sorta have been throwing fits these last few days. i've been feeling like such a dick because i was having a hard time figuring out when i would be able to hang out with my family, all of us together. because lisa is killing herself with the ridiclious schedule of the play (august: o'sage county) and school on top of that, it's so tricky to find time when she is free. if both of us had been thinking when i bought the plane tickets, we would have booked them for maybe a week later...when the play is done. but! of course not! so we just have to work with what we've got. tomorrow i plan on dragging my guitar and amp up to portland for some dough. at 5:30 cyndi is tattooing me. i'm sort of nervous for this one because i feel like it's gonna be large and super tender...but worth it of course. then saturday night chelsea and i are going to see rocky horror at the state theater. i'm excited to go to the state theater since i've surprisingly never been there. then on sunday lisa, luke, todd and i are going out to dinner in portland, halloween festivites will follow. then finally, on monday we fly away. i'm relieved to know that my mom is taking the day off from school and so is luke. our flight leaves at 7:35pm so that gives me time to recover from halloween mayhem.

in a few days it's gonna be a whole new shabangarang.