Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas chuck!!

i hope your show yer mama

Thursday, December 23, 2010

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

my dad said i could sell the poop tube

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


so we're flying right now. we're in the air, on a plane, flying in the sky. ...and there is still wireless internet. wtf? last time we flew some people were using the internet but you had to pay like 10 bucks for it but apparently for the holidays virgin airlines is letting us use the internets for free! great job! on this futuristic touch screen on the seat in front of me, i'm looking at a map of the US and a little illustration of a plane on the border of utah and idaho which is where we are at this very moment. dang. anyway. i for one am fucking pleased to be on my way back to the east.

that being said, this weekend ben and i got to housesit for this lady named Gianna who I've known for a very long time. She lives in the East Bay in Albany. We took the BART to her house. The BART is kinda like a subway but even faster and it goes above ground and underground and is super speedy. Her house was very cozy. We went to this ultra rad nature preserve type thing. To get there we walked underneath the freeway and across the train tracks. We watched a train go by. It had been foggy and shittyish out all day as we started heading towards our destination at about mid afternoonish. There were all different trails and pathways to take through the preserve. The further you walked, the further out you were on this long peninsula surrounded by water. There were endless found object sculptures, bad and good graffiti, and hidden hobo encampments. We settled down on a beach on the farthest side of the strip. There were tons of concrete slabs and dope sculptures. We cracked open a bottle of wine to share and the sun was beginning to come out. I started collected all the broken glass i could find and we ended up making our own little collaboration sculpture out of things we could find. We stayed there until sunset and then made our way back to our house. but dang! east bay rules. at least what we saw of it. we wish we could move to a house in oakland right this minute.  anyway: chuckie you gotta come to this place when you come to visit because it's the dope shit. anyway! tra la la. getting into boston at 6:45 tonight and hopefully heading up to portland on friday.  hellz yea.

can you believe it!

this is the sculpture lady thing ben and i made

real long night

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blood on the tracks

so basically. here's some pictures of some shit i've walked by lately. the video is of this park called .... i don't remember but it was right by the water as you can see and sorta reminded ben and i of portland. the last bunch of days have been straight childcare central. lots of babysitting and watching hattie and zeke. this weekend zeke has 6 of his friends for a sleepover. jesus. then it was his birthday and the family got a really awesome early xmas present- Esmerelda the puppy. she's the best pup ever. thats me and her at the bottom. anyway. that's really it. pieces. peaces.

i really liked her


for my mama

sweet unfinished bunny

frida is everywhere

the other side of the golden gate!

she was a good bitty

finally, me with the new pup. SO FUCKING CUTE AND GOOD!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

we were bound to tie

ben has had the opportunity to use michael (one of our host's) acoustic guitar whilst we've been here. he wrote this song and i helped him to figure out a melody to go with his lyrics. here's the final product:

Great Job!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

part of you pours outta me in these lines from time to time

so i was going through my old blog last night and found these 2 gems. the 2nd is most gem-ish. i love you lady and miss yer guts.

...i'm drinking budlight...ok....

flying over unnamed places and people

yeeeehaw! finally back from a somewhat death trap-ish terribly unenjoyable thanksgiving break in Truckee, Ca.  well, i shouldn't say that.  it was fucking beautiful, we ate some really tasty food, there was 4 feet of snow and a sledding hill, watched jurassic park on a HUGE wall with a projector and some wine. but other than that, it was too many children, too many dad's and so much whining.  it's beautiful back here in SF. been watercoloring a bit today and ben and i are picking up the kiddies at school in a few minutes.  the first video on here is of a week or so ago at about sunset.  we walked up to bernal hill and CRAZY san francisco fog was rolling in and it was super windy and awesome. from the top of the hill at this time of night, usually you can see a 360 degree view of the city and it's lights...but as you can see the fog completely obliterated most visibility. it was awesome.  the 2nd is of Donner Lake in Truckee where we had thanksgiving.  i feel like lately every time i update this business i'm in some sort of rush so i can't think of anything interesting to say. oh well. i'll try harder next time. hehhhooooooyea!

Roasted Tempeh with portabellas, rosemary and thyme. YUM.


Ben's dad made up this awesome recipe for us and it was so delicious. Gluten-free vegan pumpkin pie. FUCK!

yeah so... this was the 2nd day we got here i think at the top of twin peaks. great. lookin' swell. great job!

a couple weeks ago we got pretty close to the golden gate without crossing it and paying the $5 toll!!???? just to cross it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

...i would choose a jetpack

heyyyyo! so the other day ben and i tried to walk to the tracks to watch some trains pass on by but didn't have too much luck. we ended up walking around this strange industrial area, through a somewhat sketchy looking mechanic/auto shop through some open gates to the underside of the freeway(as they call it here) and the caltrain tracks (like the amtrak). this is what it looked like under there. we only stayed for a bit, but it was pretty cool and seemed pretty free-range-ish in terms of picture painting.

...and then we have ben's drink of choice that evening with a nice lady on it.
other than that... shits been pretty mellowed out.
we leave for Donner Lake in Truckee, CA on wednesday till sunday for thanksgiving. it's the town where the actual Donner Party landed and then proceeded to eat eachother which is pretty intense and we just learned today that they just got 4 feet of snow which both ben and i are surprisingly excited about. it's 'bout time for some dinner and some wine so over and out!
under the bridge...get it?

just some regular old trash


great success!