Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blood on the tracks

so basically. here's some pictures of some shit i've walked by lately. the video is of this park called .... i don't remember but it was right by the water as you can see and sorta reminded ben and i of portland. the last bunch of days have been straight childcare central. lots of babysitting and watching hattie and zeke. this weekend zeke has 6 of his friends for a sleepover. jesus. then it was his birthday and the family got a really awesome early xmas present- Esmerelda the puppy. she's the best pup ever. thats me and her at the bottom. anyway. that's really it. pieces. peaces.

i really liked her


for my mama

sweet unfinished bunny

frida is everywhere

the other side of the golden gate!

she was a good bitty

finally, me with the new pup. SO FUCKING CUTE AND GOOD!

1 comment:

    so cute. let's talk before you fly back here, eh?
    i fucking can't wait to see you. i have so many things to give to you dudes, you have no idea.