Thursday, January 13, 2011

glass house girl

soooo i wrote this;  

       Once there was a girl.  She resided in a glass house surrounded by winged watchdogs and vultures.  The sun shone through her walls, her ceilings and floor itching her dozing eyelids each morning.  At night, moonbeams silently surveyed her cloth less body; it's rise and fall.  She spent her days lazing hazily within her crystal cave.  Her eyes watched robins dive and swoon as they rambled silently in her forbidden world.  Dreams came as nightmares- deplorable disasters loomed before her as she spun screaming in her sleep.  Her imprisoners would woo her with wine and wassail each night.  She'd accept them, willing and knowing their ways.  An hourglass hung from her neck thumping tirelessly whilst sand spilt onto the glass.
       One midnight as she gazed dazily through her windows, a raven recklessly flew through her fortress, flailing and bleeding on the floor.  She watched as the winged whirling-dervish swiftly ceased it's breathing and laid to rest.  Tears trembled down her cheeks.  She wrapped the waif in woolen cloth and glided through the broken window, collecting feathers and shards of glass.  Barefoot, she broke through the shimmering seal of splinters, stepped backwards and stared up towards the spectacle before her.  Her cavernous cage collapsed clumsily before her eyes.  She marveled as the walls that once surrounded her swirled swiftly towards the ground in an icy squall.  She shielded her sight as the last snowy speckles of her entrapment fell freely onto the forest floor.
       Only once the storm had ceased did the girl crane her neck to gawk at the colorful canopy far above her.  Hues of green and brown and blue collided upon a canvas  caressed by chirping creatures and carnivores.  She listened to her robins who had suddenly found their sweet songbird tones.  The watchdogs and vultures lay lamenting beneath the sea of glassy remnants, never to shield her from anything again.  
         Her hands flinched as she remembered the soft bundled bird who'd sacrificed himself and invited her escape from her unnecessary sanctuary.  She kneeled on the soft earth and dug hard with both hands until a ditch appeared.  She lowered the fallen fowl into the dirt which beckoned wordlessly with comfort.  As she swept the brown earth over her savior, a vibrating rhythm began pulsating in the center of her chest.  She stood childlike and unknowing as the beating inched it's way upward and finally landed on the tip of her tongue.  Her sealed lips stayed shut for a moment until a magnificent celestial beam from above ripped through the atmosphere and bathed her face in a glorious radiance.
         At that precise moment, her lips parted and out of them echoed the most harrowing, beautiful sound.  Unintentional notes resounded like ripples throughout the tall trees and pine cones.   It was a melody that caged birds cry as they slip through their bars and ascend upwards, chasing sunlight.   After many minutes of mystic tongues and tones, her lips remained held together tight.  Then finally, all at once, the girl knew exactly what she must do.  She shivered sweetly as she sang serenades that swam through the sequined sky.  As she sang, a brisk wind whipped through the forest whisking the girl up into a breeze which was gentle and golden.  She floated briefly, surveying her new unforbidden world.  A second gust blew her body beyond the tops of the highest pines and out of earshot where she flew away to tame fantastical beings who'd frolic feverishly with her beyond the clouds leaving the shards of her glass house behind her forevermore.  

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