Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Clean Slate

blue patchy sky outside
black circled eyes deep inside
lists intermingle with uncomfortable immediacy
those notes and melody repeating constantly
butterfly knot in my belly
anxious and ready to immerge;
from my blanketed caccoon to feast
to rip through her reptilian scales with sharpened fangs
her screams tearing through the well kept silence
deceit-filled blood splatters white washed walls
she flails her arms and legs uncontrollably
i wrap around her, squeezing tighter with each loop i make
her unfriendly eyes bulge, bloody and frightened
my claws find sweet surrender as they graze the thin skin on her chest
for the last time, lungs rise and fall
my nails pierce and dig in tune with her heartbeat
at last they encircle the organ which i crave
i grasp the pumping beast with 5 fingers ending it's purpose
she lays in a pool of blood which grows with every second
the demon has been defeated
i hold her black heart with two hands
i move in for the kill
and swallow the last of her whole.

the butterflies in my stomach settle.
the knot is gone.
i am replenished.

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