Thursday, March 3, 2011

What are you sippin on?

I am trapped at home for the 3rd day in a row. No mode of transport aside from my own two feet.  I love my home lots; free food, cuddly creatures, free wine, & trailer park boys with Lisa.

But as of this moment I'm all set with insomnia, being inadvertently woken up at 6 AM every day by dogs howling or everybody getting ready for school, being trapped within the perimeter of the neighborhood, depending on others for rides, having no job, having no money, minimal weed smoking, my spinning head filled with anxieties & excitement, no homies and no boy-thang.

Also, for the past 3 days I have been reviewing flash cards I made in order to remember the menu for a second interview I have on Friday. Flash cards. Yes, I'm so serious.  Needless to say, if I don't get the job, I will be fairly irritated by the fact that I will have memorized the ingredients in 37 wraps, sandwiches & salads for no good reason other than to possibly have the satisfaction of knowing that some time in the future some one will be taking a nice meaty bite out of the "Rare Force One" or perhaps "The Lumberjack."  Christ.

Aside from that, I'm pretty stoked about this weekend.  This evening Lisa and I will proceed to make fools of ourselves at the 2nd dance class we've taken in at least 4 years.  First we tried the intermediate class which should have been our speed, but we decided we suck so we're taking beginner jazz.  It's pretty great though because (not to toot my own horn(i've always thought of farting when i hear that expression)) we're the best in the class.  Woop.

After class all my dogs are gearing up to see Mouth Washington at Geno's which I feel certain will be followed by a blunt seeing as it's Thursday and all.  After that, I plan on sleeping throughly.

Friday I will see if my flash cards worked at all. Following that is the art walk which should be fun and which should intersect with the Waranimal/Flannel release show also at Geno's.  I plan on having my face melted off and annihilating this week and everyone in my 3 ft. radius.

Aside from that, the weather looks nice and I was even thinking of washing my hair today.
Now thats how you know it's gonna be a great weekend.

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