Monday, November 22, 2010

...i would choose a jetpack

heyyyyo! so the other day ben and i tried to walk to the tracks to watch some trains pass on by but didn't have too much luck. we ended up walking around this strange industrial area, through a somewhat sketchy looking mechanic/auto shop through some open gates to the underside of the freeway(as they call it here) and the caltrain tracks (like the amtrak). this is what it looked like under there. we only stayed for a bit, but it was pretty cool and seemed pretty free-range-ish in terms of picture painting.

...and then we have ben's drink of choice that evening with a nice lady on it.
other than that... shits been pretty mellowed out.
we leave for Donner Lake in Truckee, CA on wednesday till sunday for thanksgiving. it's the town where the actual Donner Party landed and then proceeded to eat eachother which is pretty intense and we just learned today that they just got 4 feet of snow which both ben and i are surprisingly excited about. it's 'bout time for some dinner and some wine so over and out!
under the bridge...get it?

just some regular old trash


great success!

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