Monday, November 29, 2010

flying over unnamed places and people

yeeeehaw! finally back from a somewhat death trap-ish terribly unenjoyable thanksgiving break in Truckee, Ca.  well, i shouldn't say that.  it was fucking beautiful, we ate some really tasty food, there was 4 feet of snow and a sledding hill, watched jurassic park on a HUGE wall with a projector and some wine. but other than that, it was too many children, too many dad's and so much whining.  it's beautiful back here in SF. been watercoloring a bit today and ben and i are picking up the kiddies at school in a few minutes.  the first video on here is of a week or so ago at about sunset.  we walked up to bernal hill and CRAZY san francisco fog was rolling in and it was super windy and awesome. from the top of the hill at this time of night, usually you can see a 360 degree view of the city and it's lights...but as you can see the fog completely obliterated most visibility. it was awesome.  the 2nd is of Donner Lake in Truckee where we had thanksgiving.  i feel like lately every time i update this business i'm in some sort of rush so i can't think of anything interesting to say. oh well. i'll try harder next time. hehhhooooooyea!

Roasted Tempeh with portabellas, rosemary and thyme. YUM.


Ben's dad made up this awesome recipe for us and it was so delicious. Gluten-free vegan pumpkin pie. FUCK!

yeah so... this was the 2nd day we got here i think at the top of twin peaks. great. lookin' swell. great job!

a couple weeks ago we got pretty close to the golden gate without crossing it and paying the $5 toll!!???? just to cross it.

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