Wednesday, November 17, 2010

stupid videos

...okay so the first one is just a shaky tour of the upstairs house.
the second was taken at Amoeba Music on Haight St. We just wanted to show you the crazy-hugeness of that place. Conclusion: Bullmoose is way cheaper and more awesome. This place is just mindblowing because of it's hugeness and the amount of vinyl.
last, but not least! we have a quick view of golden gate park where ben and i only had to enter for less than 30 seconds before we were offered "buds". This dude told me the weed was called "george bush" and started talking all about it. it's funny out here, it seems like everyone is really particular about their weed and what kind they're smoking and all that. we were just happy to get some, because i've sorta been stressing out. we sat on a blanket for awhile. i took one hit and was super baketown for the next 4 hours. it was great. this is just a short depiction of me packing things up after the great success.

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