Monday, November 8, 2010

walking all over

phew. today was a long day. ben and i decided to walk to haight street, to check it out, go to golden gate park, and possibly find some weed. it's quite a trek from our house in the first place, and it didn't help in the least that we missed haight street altogether and walked 8 blocks too far. but we finally made it. got some eats but by that time, we had to head back to scoop up the kids at school. kinda sucked, but we sure got some exercise! it was beautiful out again. a little brisk but sunny and great. we stopped at this camera shop so i could check to see if they would process my black and white film... of which i have about 283u4238 rolls. they said the could... for $17.99 per roll of 24. and mine are all 36. so fucked!!? gonna have to figure some shit out. it's kinda poopish cause i haven't been able to take the pictures i'd like to because i never feel like lugging around my stupid digital or my pentax cause they weight my bag down. so i've just been taking point and shoots with the camera my dad got me. it kinda just leaves me unsatisfied. pshhhs. tomorrow i think we might try our adventure again...and will probably pick a closer destination because of our other obligations in the afternoonish. either way. city is crazy. haight is filled with the hippest of hipsters. ben and i wear strictly all black whenever we go out in an attempt to combat the overwhelming surplus of trendy motherfuckers. but fuck em, this place rules.

dolores park and PALM trees

plant trees

cut paper in a window

it was a particularly long walk home today

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  1. that film shit is phucked. keep looking, there's gotta be a cheaper place, i'm sure.
    ben: sw33t hat.